Frequently Asked Questions :
- How to create a session ?
In order to create a session you must first register and create a user account on this site. (Click here to register).
- How many sessions can I create ?
You can create as many sessions as you wish but you cannot store more than 15 sessions on the platform. You will have to erase one of the stored sessions if you want to save a new session after the first 15 ones.
- How to connect a participant to a session ?
Once a session has been saved, participants can logon using the session name (Your Username + '_' + session number) and their player number which you will have assigned to them (same session numberfor all participants and one distinct player number for each participant) through this url : Should the connection be lost, a participant can log back in an ongoing session using the same player number through :
- Where do I get the number of connected participants in a session ?
You can see the list of connected participants in the 'IdPlayersConfirm' column of the Manage table. Once all participants are connected you can run the session using the 'StartSession' command. N.B.: You can also see how many participants are done with reading the instructions and how many of them have answered all questions in the 'FinInst' et 'FinQues' columns respectively.
- What is the maximum number of participants to one session and how many groups is it possible to create?
The number of participants is limited to 40, the number of groups depends on the experiment type and on the total number of participants to the session.
- Why is it advised not to choose the 'synchronise all players' option ?
Synchronizing all participants requires that all participants to the session have made their choice before the next round starts, which can noticeably slow down the game when the session includes several groups.
- Is it possible to save my session data ?
You can export your session data to an Excel file (MS Excel must be installed on your computer) usinf the 'Exporter table vers Excel' command. You can save the data from the 'Manage' and 'Results' tables using this command.
- Is it possible to save my session graphs ?
You can export your session graphs as .png files: right-clicking on the graph and select 'save image/picture as'.
- How come I am disconnected for the session at a given time?
Any user (player or experimenter) will be disconnected if idle for 20 minutes.
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